Full Papers

Authors of papers presented at IWRN14 (oral and poster presentations) are now invited to submit an updated version of their paper for possible publication in a volume of the Notes of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design (Springer), entitled “Noise and Vibration Mitigation for Rail Transportation Systems. Proceedings of the 14th International Workshop on Railway Noise, Shanghai, China, 19-23 September 2022.”.
Please submit your revised paper before 截止时间 on the 提交到哪里

  • The paper can be prepared using the LaTeX and Word templates provided by Springer, that can be downloaded here. Detailed instructions for the preparation of your paper are included. Graphs and figures can be print in color if color is needed for scientific reasons. Otherwise, please use black and white graphs and figures, or, when inserting color figures, adjust your line styles/markers/color maps to ensure black and white legibility.
  • In this phase of the review process, it is sufficient to upload your paper in PDF format (8 pages, max. 50 Mb). We will ask to upload source files (LaTeX or Word, figures,…) once the review process has been finalized and a final version of the paper is available.
  • Please complete the “Consent to Publish” form provided by Springer, that can be downloaded here. Print, sign, scan and save as a PDF file.
  • Login using your personal account and select “Author”; then click on the “view” icon of the submitted extended abstract; on the next page, click on “Add file” in the upper right corner. In the “Paper for review” section, click on “Browse” to upload the PDF file with your paper. In the “Consent to Publish” section, click on “Browse” to upload the PDF file with the completed and signed Consent to Publish form.

Papers will be peer reviewed by the members of the International Committee before 15 January 2020. A decision based on final papers will be made before 15 March 2020, so that the proceedings can be published in autumn 2020.(review的时间)