The IWRN workshop has been established as a regular event (held every three years) that brings together leading researchers and engineers in all fields related to railway noise and vibration. The IWRN workshops have contributed significantly to the understanding and solution of many problems in railway noise and vibration, building a scientific foundation for reducing environmental impact by airborne, ground-borne and structure-borne noise and vibration. IWRN14 will provide a central forum for railway noise and vibration practitioners, researchers, suppliers and consultants to share technical knowledge.

Conference themes include:
  • Policy, regulation and perception
  • Predictions, measurements, monitoring and modelling
  • High speed rail and aerodynamic noise
  • Wheel out-of-round and polygonalisation
  • Rail roughness, corrugation and grinding
  • Wheel and rail noise
  • Squeal noise
  • Interior noise
  • Structure-borne noise and ground-borne vibration
  • Resilient track forms
  • Bridge noise